Our Story – Vibe Art Studio

Our Story

About Vibe Art Studio

Where to begin? It began with an interest in tee shirt designs. For my art club at school we raised money to buy equipment that the school could not fund. To think that I almost bought supplies to make stained glass, which is very beautiful too, but very time consuming and difficult to learn. I also noticed the popularity of Cricut machines, and how you can make really cool looking vinyl stickers, and tee shirt designs.

Glitter Design with glitter (Vibe Art Studio)

So we purchased the cricut machine, a heat press, and all kinds of vinyl from Amazon, and it bagan. Cricut has software that makes the creation of your project very easy. So in no time we (my students) were designing shirts. It was convenient that they could download the Cricut App on their phones and design their own stuff without using my computer. 

using vinyl (Vibe Art Studio)


It was so exciting watching the creation of these shirts, things that were personal to the students. I would raise more money and we purchased lots of beautiful vinyl, I loved the stuff that sparkled. There were times that we would take on big projects and make shirts for the choir and band. 

Making shirts (Vibe art Studio)
Christmas shirt (Vibe Art Studio)

During that first summer afterwards, I wanted to take it to a higher level. I had learned about Print On Demand. So instead of using a cricut machine, which would not be so good in a house with cats (they would walk on the sticky vinyl), I learned how to use graphic software. I downloaded GIMP, and started learning by watching multitudes of Youtube videos, over and over again. 

This is what GIMP looks like, and this is a galaxy print that I was designing. 

Using GIMP For Universe Cat


So what is GIMP? GIMP(GNU manipulation program) is very similar to Photoshop, except it's free, and can do everything that Photoshop can do. There are many youtube videos on how to use GIMP for specific things. It was very slow learning at first, yes I had a huge learning curve, but the more I practiced the better I got, and at times I would have some really good "ah ha" moments where things made sense. So now, a year later, I have still only hit the surface of what GIMP can actually do. 

The Birth of Catte Latte - for the love of cats and coffee

It began originally as a store I created called Catte Latte at Redbubble. I wanted to combine two things that I loved, well, that was recommended by Print on Demand experts. Something that I loved and would have a passion about. So first came the idea, then I spent hours upon hours manipulating pictures in GIMP.

So I mentioned "Print on Demand." That means, I use another company to print the shirts that I create. I use Printful.com. Its a great company, and they too, have great blogs on all the "how to's." In this way, I do not have to worry about having to purchase so many supplies to create my own shirts. 

This is one of the first photos I used for Catte Latte.

Siamese Cat for Catte Latte

It took hours upon hours, days upon days. Of course it was a lot of fun, but frustrating at times. The first products were what I thought was a masterpiece, afterall so much time went into them. Looking back, well, lets just say I have improved! 

First Catte Latte Mug

My daughter DeAnna who is a graphic arts major, can do things I cannot do, she is a very good artist, her pencils and paintbrushes are all electronic on her IPad.

Sense we both love Starbucks, she created the cup that went on many designs. 

Catte latte cup

We call it "Catbucks"

Vibe Art Studio

When I decided to take the next big step, I thought alot about what I wanted to do and learn. I wanted to also put my daughters art into the store, which has nothing to do with Catte Latte. The next big step was creating an online store at Shopify. So I came up with an artsy cool name of "Vibe Art Studio." I thought that instead of only doing Cats and Coffee or mainly cat themes, that I have plenty of room to grow the store. My latest is called Universe Cat. I have had so much fun with this one. I love the galaxy and space print, and personally I love anything that is about astronomy in general. So I have had so much fun with what I call "Universe Cat"

Universe Cat

Universe Cat with galaxy print


If one could make a living from their hobbies, life would be sweeter. With this, there is that deep passion of creating something. I can sit for hours and hours doing this, with intense love. It's more than fun, it's an inner journey of creating things that are part of my soul. So I am putting what is in me, on the products, my love and passions. My other passions include all things about nature, trees, and plants. I am also into UFOs and the study of extraterrestrials. I also do research in the paranormal and the study of consciousness and metaphysics. Some of this has shown up in my store on my "sacred geometry" prints.  There are so many things I want to do in time, there is so much room for growth, both within me, and for my store.